%title($album) giving me strange results

I’m scratching my head and giving up for the day - I’ve been working on my config file for a while and started importing some albums and decided to use the %title function to standardize my album titles, but when I run

beet move -p

Every instance of ‘Remix’ or ‘Remixes’ in the album title is changed to ‘remix’ or ‘remixes’ - every other word will be changed to title case effectively except for the word ‘remix’ and it will be actively forced to lower case if the $album metadata has it in title case already.

I’m just going through and learning now so it’s probably something stupid but I’ve been going through my config file for the last couple of hours and am not sure where to go from here.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can give any input on this!

Have you got some examples of the conversions that you’re seeing? %title just uses Python’s capwords function, which uppercases the first letter of each space-separated group of characters. For example, (Remix) (including brackets) will become (remix) as the first letter is (.

I think that solves it. All the instances were in parenthesis.

Thank you so much!

I’m not sure how up to date it is (last commit was 3 years ago), but someone wrote the %tcp plugin to address issues with the current %title function. Fom the example in their docs, it seems like it should correctly capitalise parenthesised text.

Thanks again.

I looked at it but there’s a step in the install that looks strange on their GitHub page, I started another topic to see if anyone could help with it.