Do Templates Such as "%title" Also Change Metadata / Tags, or Just file and Directory Names?

Assuming everything’s organized in the only structure beet understands; that is Artist(s) - Album - Track# Artist - Title, would introducing %title{$artist} - %title{$title} at the end of a path effectively Title Case artist and title metadata / tags?

From what I understand, %title template affects only file and directory names.

Yep, just the paths.

Any way to make it work on metadata / tags? Can tags be ASCII-fied too, or just file and folder names?

What’s the backend of %title? How does it determine what gets uppercased?

This information is missing from the docs. Users should be aware of beet's weakneses, so as to not develop interest in the wrong solution. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s not currently possible, but this feature request seems relevant:

We are always looking for help improving the docs! Please pitch in if you can. Here’s how %title is implemented:

Here’s a recent PR to improve it:

This I can help with! :slightly_smiling_face: Where do I register? Any guidelines / rules?

Is asciify (not the template) affected by this limitation?

Please correct me otherwise, but would formatted modify enable beet's paths (and templates) to change metadata / tags, as it currently does file and folder names?

Solid list of exceptions, capitalization after punctuations makes sense too! :grinning:

Great! The place to do it is on GitHub:

You can start by reading our “Hacking” page, most of which is irrelevant because it’s about code instead of documentation, but some of which would be helpful:

Yes. I’m not sure what you mean by “not the template”… it’s a template function.

It would led beets’s templates (which are also used for path formatting) affect metadata.