Tagging and renaming files


I have been trying to get Beet to tag and rename my music files. But i cant get it right. I want my files to look like this:
A/Albumartist, The/AlbumType/Albumartist-Rel.Year-Album (Label)/Disc-Track - Artist - Song

I treid this commands (and other) butit gets all wrong every time!

default: %upper{%left{$albumartist,1}}/%asciify{$albumartist}/$albumtype-%asciify{$albumartist}-$original_year-%asciify{$album}%aunique{} $album%aunique{albumdisambig, albumdisambig country label}%if{$albumdisamambig, [%title{$albumdisambig}]}}/$disc-$track-%asciify{$artist}-%asciify{$title}

Can anyone help me or guide me. I have checked the official guide.
Thank you!

Yes! I got it! Almost…Execpt for the Album Artist sorting. I want to move “the” to the end of the album artist like: “The Beatles” will be “Beatles, The” and create the folder “B”

Heres the code i used:
default: %upper{%left{$albumartist,1}}/%asciify{$albumartist}/$albumtype/%asciify{$albumartist} - $original_year - $album%aunique{albumdisambig country, label}%if{$albumdisamambig, [%title{$albumdisambig}]}/$disc - $track - %asciify{$artist} - %asciify{$title}

Welcome @GreenLantern81!

There is a plugin named ‘The Plugin’ that you can activate in your config.yaml that will provide you with functionality that you are looking for.


you can then use the following in your path:
I don’t know how that works with %asciify but that’s probably not to difficult to figure out.

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Indeed! Also try the $artist_sort and $albumartist_sort fields, if those are populated by MusicBrainz.

In the future, when you paste things from your configuration, please use a Markdown “code block” (see the Discourse editor toolbar), which makes them easier to read and preserves formatting.

Thank you! It works now :slight_smile:

And maybe this helps too:


Convert all non-ASCII characters in paths to ASCII equivalents.

For example, if your path template for singletons is singletons/$title and the title of a track is “Café”, then the track will be saved as singletons/Cafe.mp3. The changes take place before applying the replace configuration and are roughly equivalent to wrapping all your path templates in the %asciify{} template function.

Default: no.

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Thank you for taking your time! I will definitely use this :+1:

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