Duplicated case sensitive artists/albums

Hello, I have some albums duplicated in my library that duplicates plugins did’t find, mostly because of an char case difference, like ‘2006 - With Oden on Our Side’ (15 songs) and ‘2006 - With Oden On Our Side’ (9 songs), just the ‘on’ and ‘On’ differs, what would be the best approach to merge them?

If I change the paths to use lowercase %lower{$album} and do a ‘beet move’, it will ask me which one I want to keep?

Thank you!

No, it won’t do that—you’ll just be changing the paths files are stored at, not the set of albums that the database tracks. To do that, you will want to re-import the files together (which you can do after using that method to put the files together into one directory, for example).

Right, the case is that my library is a kinda big, and there’s more duplicated albums, just to be clear, in the example i’ve used, the first album (15 songs) has bonus songs, so it’s complete, the second one (9 songs) is the normal version, so I want to keep only the first one with 15 songs.

Then, should I re-import using “beet import -AWC”? it would be nice to have a option to ignore case to compare if it is the same album/artist, there’s such option in beets?

If I re-import with -A, no auto-tag, %lower{$album}, both albums will be merged in one folder or it will complain that is already in the library?