Having trouble with my path


I’m having trouble setting up my path.
Here’s what my directory, that I’d like to keep, looks like:

  • Music
    • Artists
      • Artist Name
        • Album
    • Soundtracks
      • Anime
        • Series Name
          • Album

Alternatively is it possible to keep the directory as is and just tag and rename files ? I tried to but I managed to only get the tagging working, files are not renamed.

Thank you

With inline plugin I think you could do some of it.

You would need the ‘albumtype’ tag set to ‘soundtrack’ and then make a special path for it.

The code is all python, so it would be like:

if albumtype in {'soundtrack'}:
     return 'Soundtracks'
     return artist

The anime subfolder - are all soundtracks anime? If so, easy, if not, you need some tag or something to differentiate anime vs. not anime. You could open your music player (foobar2000 for example) and mass tag everything in that folder with ‘anime’ and then use beets to grab that tag later. Or possibly use beets to do the mass tagging, I’m not sure.

Then the series name - good luck. You would need that data stored somewhere.

keep the directory as is and just tag and rename files

I don’t think Beets is designed for this but you might be able to? There are some plugins that store the original path. You could then use the original path with the inline plugin to define the final path.

ogpath = music/soundtracks/anime/eva/
ogfile = 01_cruel.mp3
newfile = %track%. %name%
newpath = ogpath + ogfile