Keep original Song Title format during import

Is there anyway to force beets in to keeping the orignal song title format during import, (other than Use as is)? In particular, I would like it to not change the case (capitalization) of words in the Title.

Some song titles also have [feat. so and so], and beets always wants to remove that portion of the title. I would like to keep that in the song Title.

We don’t currently have a way to apply some of the data from a metadata match but to leave certain fields alone. Sorry!

You might consider doing some formatting after the fact to change the capitalization to your preferred scheme. You might also be interested in the ftintitle plugin, which moves the “featuring” information from the artist field to the title field.

OK. I know, I’m nit picking here…It just seems that most recent music I import has every word int the title capitalized? Using lowercase for prepositions, etc., might be more appropriate/standard, grammatically, but to me, I’d prefer to keep it as published. (How’s that for a non-grammatically correct sentence?) :smile:

I’ll have to check out the ftintitle plugin, thanks.

If you’re curious about the rules the MusicBrainz editors use for capitalization, they’re pretty detailed: