Tag based on fingerprint first?

Is there a way to tag on fingerprint only even if the files have names and metadata? Lets say I had a song that had perfect tags for a different song and the different song filename, it seems like beets would tag it as the different song because it uses that data first?

Is there a way to weight sources or change their hierarchy? For example: fingerprint first, if nothing is found weight results from discogs higher than musicbrainz? I’m a little unclear on the order of operations used when presenting autotagging results.

Interesting point indeed. There’s not currently a way to do this. The way things work in the current version of the plugin is that the fingerprint is only used to obtain the right candidates—It’s not used in the matching process to decide between various candidates. This is a good match for when files are missing metadata entirely, for example, or when fingerprints reinforce matches based on metadata. But it doesn’t exactly help in your situation.

This sounds like a worthy addition to the plugin. An interesting question, which will need to be resolved in any detailed design proposal, is how to handle (by default) situations where the file has one MBID embedded in its tags but the fingerprint indicates a different MBID.

Found this topic through a google search for the same thing. It would be helpful if there was at least some notification that the fingerprint does not match the tag.