Just duplicate find-and-eliminate from chroma (not tags or folders)

I’ve got a magled library, so my tags are at best kinda-right, at worst completely wrong. The worst is that Picard sometimes thought two songs were the same, so now I’ve got /Artist1/Album1/song(1).mp3 that has the exact same tags as /Artist1/Album1/song.mp3 - but it is an entirely different song.

I dislike that. Mostly because I can’t use DupeGuru to go deleting song(1).mp3.

Is there a way to point beets at a (large, saved off of Google Music) folder and say “you know those tags and folders? Ya, they are crap. Ignore them.
Can you find me all identical songs based purely on acoustic fingerprints?
Yes? Wonderful! Please toss out the lower bitrate one.”

I know this will create gaps - if /Artist/Single/song.mp3 is the same as /Artist/BestOf/othersong.mp3, BestOf might suddenly be missing a song. I’m ok with that. (Well, I’d prefer to keep the song that is part of the larger album, but that is getting nit-picky)

Hi! There’s no built-in mode that does exactly all of those things in one fell swoop. However, fingerprinting does have quite a bit of weight, so just doing a normal import of the files with bad tags might do pretty well. It’s worth a shot, at least?

In a second pass, you might consider using the duplicates plugin to find and remove duplicates.

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I will try that, thank you!