MusicBrainz id for tracks from Discogs tagged albums

I have some albums tagged using the Discogs plugin (and other imported as-is, etc.)

I would like to have set the Musicbrainz id for every individual track in my library, no matter how I tagged the album.

I think I can get this done by making a second fake import (without copy or move) for all my library as singletons, but then I think I will have all my tracks twice in my beets database, one as part of the album and one as singleton .

How can I accomplish this?

Actually, re-importing your entire library (beet import -L) will not create duplicates, fortunately! It will “re-import” stuff in place, updating metadata for your existing files:


So, to get the musicbrainz ids for tracks, I shoul do beet import -L -s? Because a reimport, like beet import -L won’t make a difference, say the DiscoGS tagged albums (tagged by DiscoGS because Musicbrainz doesn’t recognize them) will stay the same. Am I wrong?
beet import -L -s -M -C -w will do the trick?

Ah, that’s interesting! I would be careful with using -s because beets will probably want to make your songs into “singletons,” i.e., to disassociate them from their album structures. So I’m not sure I have a perfect idea for how to do this on a per-track basis in a non-disruptive way…

Yes, I was thinking the same, so…

Use another config file, set another database, set

write to yes
copy to no
move to no

and then process the directory using this new config file and -s.

This is supposed to write the id for every track (that is in musicbrainz, of course), and modify nothing in my “good” db.

And then beet update.

What do you think?
NOTE: apparently, it works without messing things