Ignore file and folder names when tagging- only use acoustic id

Some time ago autottagging messed up my library. Folders, filenames and tags are completely wrong. Can I force beets to completely ignore them and use only acoustic id ? Any suggestion that takes existing things to account will be wrong.
I was thinking about just making all the names of files and folders a random strings but there must be a better way

@lordjaba Not sure if this helps, but what I do is run my newly acquired music through MusicBrainz Picard, often using its “Scan” function which goes by acoustic fingerprint. Then I save each file so that the metadata and filename matches the hit. After doing that, running the beets import is very smooth because all the files have 90+% (often 100%) metadata matches already.

I have not had the experience of beets messing up any of my metadata, though… in my experience I have found the autotagger very smart. But you can always remove stuff from your library and clean it up using Picard if you find beets has mangled anything.