Fixing a mucked up library

I was too eager pressing “Ok” using Picard, and now I have a library where sometimes the tags are right, and sometimes they are very wrong.

Is there a way to tell beets “go through the library. get a fingerprint for each file. It is ok if this takes a long time. Now compare the metadata to the file - if it is mostly matching, great! However, do something with those that match poorly.”

beet fingerprint is good about making sure all my files have a fingerprint.

I’d also like to include acoustic fingerprint checking during beet import /mymess/

Any suggestions?

I’m new to beets, but it looks great! (and install on osx was very straightforward, thank you!)

That’s basically what normal importing does with the chroma plugin enabled! That is, it calculates the fingerprint on the fly and uses that as a searching & matching criterion.

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Yay! I shall re-import. I do wish it would batch-ok the >95% matches, for the parts it didn’t mangle, Picard did ok.

Any way to emphasize the “are you SURE these tags are right? Because it is a perfect acoustic match for this other song over here…”

I’m trying more and enjoying more. Here is my latest question:
When I get a crap match on an album, I get something like

/Users/ME/Music/Air Supply/Billboard Hits 1981 (1 items)
Finding tags for album "Air Supply - Billboard Hits 1981".
1. Air Supply - Greatest Hits (44.6%) (missing tracks, album, year) (CD, 1991, MX, Arista, CDL 1065)
2. (etc)

Heck, I dunno! :man_shrugging:
But then if I press “T” - it does the per-track acoustic fingerprinting, gets a 100% match on each track, and does it all with 100% confidence.

/Users/ME/Music/Air Supply/Billboard Hits 1981/03 The One That You Love.mp3
Tagging track: Air Supply - The One That You Love
(Similarity: 100.0%)

Is this… good? Is this something I can tell it to go ahead and try without me typing T, with the hope for 100% matches?

Anything that results in a 100% confidence match, I’m all for doing it automatically.

No, there’s no automatic way to switch from album-level tagging to track-level (singleton) tagging. You can import with -s, but that imports everything as singletons.

Great suggestion - I made huge progress with

  1. Using a fancy find command to find all album folders with >6 files, and move those to a new place and import them first normally.
  2. Bulk import the smaller/non-albums using fingerprints via import -sq
  3. last pass cleanup and resolving questions