Importing vinyl rips - favour Musicbrainz/Discogs vinyl formats?

I have a folder of FLACs that were ripped from vinyl.

I’m wondering - is there a way to make beets favour vinyl formats from Musicbrainz/Discogs during the autotagging process?

It would be nice to have these tracks in my beets library linked to their actual vinyl release rather than a CD equivalent.

Actually, thinking about it, it should be pretty easy to spot which of the auto-tagging candidates are Discogs vinyl versions, as Discogs entries usually mention the format, so I could just pick and choose along the way. It would be that little bit extra helpful if vinyl formats were pushed to the top though. Musicbrainz entries don’t seem to mention the format at all.

As an aside, on this particular track (Al Kent - “Back In Love”) I’m not seeing the corresponding Discogs entry ( when importing in singleton mode - nor can I select the ID manually with the ‘I’ option - any idea why?

Hi! Check out the match.preferred config option, which lets you set your medium preferences.

Hmm, no guesses about that discogs match… if it’s something self-contained and reproducible, maybe it would be best to file a bug?

Thanks Adrian, the preferred option is great :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed the non-match on discogs releases on a few occasions, I’ll see if I can get around to filing a bug at some point, once I’ve got through the huge task of importing my collection. Thanks!