Improve Discogs matches?

Hello, I’m new to Beets (but I already love it!). Because of my collection’s nature, Discogs is a far better source than MusicBrainz, but I’m finding poor matching results even when files have clean, accurate artist and album names:

I constantly end up manually searching Discogs for releases ID’s. Is there a way to improve these results, maybe messing with max_rec in the configuration? Should I set artist and album to strong and bring down missing tracks, id, etc?

Possibly related to this PR

Hi Martin, please provide the same beets import run using -v and what beets version u are using exactly. Thanks

Hi @martimpassos again, also another tip: To see the differences in matching of each track, set match.detail: yes in config. Helps to distinguish if really so much is different.

Yes your numbers are very low but I dont think that you should change the default values yet. There must be a different cause.

Send a beet import -v …. with the detail option set to yes and then let’s have a look. Posting it in here as code box would be best.