Clutter not working for flac albums


Clutter works perfectly if adding in an mp3 album but if I add a flac album the album is imported fine but clutter leaves everything (.cue .flac .nfo etc, basically everything included in my clutter config, any ideas?

Cannot work out how to use markdown so just included a small part of my log

clutter: [“Thumbs.DB”, “.DS_Store”, “.m3u", ".cue”, “.pls”, “.jpg", ".flac”, “.FLAC", ".url”, “*.nfo”]

Sorry; it’s not really possible to tell what’s going on without a bunch more detail! The format of the music (i.e., FLAC vs. MP3) shouldn’t have an influence on whether the clutter setting works.

Hi, what detail would you like? I wanted to post my log but as I mentioned I cannot understand how to use markdown (you told me to use that the other day)

I have one input folder, if I run beets any albums with mp3’s get copied and clutter removed but if it is an album that is flac then beets converts it and leaves all the flac files and other clutter behind.

Yes, your configuration and the log. It might be useful to take a look at some documentation for Discourse forums.

There is probably some other factor—other than the FLAC vs. MP3 thing—causing this. It may be just a coincidence that the format is different too. You might also consider disabling the convert plugin, if you’re using it, to see if that has an impact.