Thank you "Where have you been all my life"

Good Day, First of all Thank you for such a wonderful program. It’s the best music tagger hands down. Im currently running on windows 7 and it works great. I’ve got a few questions. I’m more of a visual person and don’t know the first thing about command-line so i would like someone to walk me through the questions I’m about to ask.

First is there any possibility to add more commands to the context menu.
This Command imports the folder selected:
@=“Import with beets”

@="“C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36-32\beet.exe” import “%1"”

what i would like is a command that imports a folder silently in the context menu with the “beet import -ql” and the “beet import -s” command if at all possible. if not could someone please explain to me how to use the command-line using one of the 2 commands. i can easily deduct the rest if i have 1 example.

secondly: i think i have acoustic fingerprinting correctly setup in windows but i can’t seem to use it yet, can someone point me in the right direction.

how to run/ setup albums that are missing tracks.

thanks in advance.
have a wonderful day

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Hello! I’m glad you’re enjoying beets. I’ll need to let someone who uses Windows weigh in about the registry thing, but:

  • Fingerprinting doesn’t necessarily make itself known in the UI. It’s probably working already if you’ve set it up! You can always but beets in verbose mode (-vv) to get a bunch of debug output to confirm.
  • I’m not sure what you’re asking about missing tracks, but maybe you’d be interested in the missing plugin?
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Thanks Adrian for the information. I hope someone in the forum is knowledgeable in registry settings because i would really like to set it up like that on my system, And yes i was interested in the missing plugin

Just finished taggin my 350GB music files. looks like i have quite a few albums with missing tracks. how do i sort music albums with 95-100% match automatically to a separate folder.

Sorry; we don’t currently record the match distance in the database. Interesting idea, though!

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Thanks Adrian. Any other tricks or tips you would like to share with us.