Basic usage

(actually nevermind to all I previously wrote)

When using the following command;

beet import -c "M:/Media/Audio/Album"

What mode would be at work here? Is it gonna ask me for every album? Or every album that has less than certain accuracy? (if so, what would that accuracy be?) I have a 1tb collection and I’m wondering if I should do whatever’s the default, or -t, or -ql LOGFILE. Would appreciate any advice from more experienced users.

It will ask you for every album whose similarity exceeds what’s specified in the strong_rec_thresh config option. But I encourage you to try it out! How often this asks you questions depends very strongly on how close your tags happen to be to MusicBrainz already.

Cool! That would suit me.

A problem I have, on Windows, is that I can’t quite comment on the matches it asks me to review because the text is half garbage numbers. How could I solve this?


Indeed—please see:

Ohh, thanks much. I’ll change to PowerShell then.

Actually I tried PowerShell and I get the same stuff. Should I remove Python3 and Install Python2? I’d do it but I don’t want to go through the hassle for the error to persist…

Sorry, since I don’t use Windows, I don’t know what you’ll find. Maybe someone else can help!

Oh that’s okay! I wouldn’t use it either but I’m stuck here. Anyhow, thanks for the help.

Hope to report back if Python2 works.

I use cmd.exe within conemu and it has no problems.

I am not at home now, but can test later to see if plain cmd.exe works with python3

I tested cmd.exe and powershell standalone and the ansi encoding did not work as suggested.

Testing in conemu worked.

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Thanks much! I too confirm that it works properly on ConEmu.