Advice on starting a new database please?


I am a new user coming from bliss and would like some advice on setting up please?

I currently have very large 3 Music sections

Artists & Bands

rather than having things jumbled up in one folder should/can I create 3 different databases? or is there a better way to organize this?

Any advice greatly appreciated!

I’d keep the organization if I were you! You can configure beets to sort things into top-level folders if you like. Take a look at the paths section of the configuration—you can automatically tell soundtracks to go in the Soundtracks directory, for instance.

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Thank adrian :slight_smile:

I have managed to make some progress with this and so far loving it! I think I have the organization sorted into those three categories, only 2 things I cannot work out at the moment is why it is encoding mp3’s? I only want it to encode lossless files to mp3. I thought these arguments would skip encoding any mp3’s 320 or less? and why it is leaving the original files? I have it set to move

plugins: fetchart embedart convert scrub replaygain lastgenre chroma web discogs
directory: /music
library: /config/musiclibrary.blb
art_filename: folder
threaded: yes
original_date: no
per_disc_numbering: no

auto: yes
ffmpeg: /usr/bin/ffmpeg
opts: -ab 320k -ac 2 -ar 48000 -joint_stereo 0
max_bitrate: 320
threads: 12

Please try the never_convert_lossy_files config option to the convert plugin. In fact, it might be a good idea to read the plugin’s docs again.

The thing about leaving files behind is tracked in this issue:

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Thank you, that worked a treat!