Are .wav files being supported yet?

Hi all and a happy new year!

Just wondering if beets supports wav files yet. My music library is all wav and would love to be able to use the Beets to manage it .

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Not currently; sorry! Please see this issue:

So Here’s what I want to do!
I’ve just built a NAS which runs the open source Synology software known as Xpenology…I want to rip all my music to wav and store it on my nas. You can download the beets app which will run on the NAS and hopefully this would keep my music files in some form of order.
So would it be possable to rip first to say flac, process via beets then convert the processed flac files back to wav?
Would this work and what do you think would be a suitable converter to use?

Yes! FLAC seems like a much better music storage format to me than WAV, in general! I would highly recommend doing that.

I don’t have any recommendations about converters, however. There is always the official flac program, for example.

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