Support for CUE-sheets?

I have installed beets on Windows 10, working fine except that it does not seem to treat cue-sheets. I have lots of albums in my library which are single files (*.flac and *.ape), with tracks indicated in separate *.cue-files lying in the same directories (I use this library with foobar2000, which can read tracks from cue-files). When I imported the library into beet, cue-files were ignored, so I ended up with having tracks where there should be albums. I found no hints in the beet docs (in fact, googling cue returns 0 results). Is support for CUEs not supported? If not, is it planned?

Indeed—please see this issue thread:

Digging into an old thread here. How does it work? Should we place the .cue file alongside the .mp3?

edit: also, is this the source for the cue parsing?

The linked issue from github doesn’t point to any PRs that implement the feature.

Looking at the source, it seems like placing the .cue alongside your media when importing is the way to use it. It looks like it only supports .wav at the moment though.

You’ll need to ensure you have shnsplit installed and also add cue to your plugins list.