Is there a roadmap for beets?


I’m currently trying to get a structure going for correctly tagging my music library and found beets.
It looks really useful and I want to integrate it into my library, so I can easily search, manage and export my music to different formats.
My current problem is trying to find the correct tags for both mp3 and flac files to use, since almost everywhere I looked, there were differences for mp3 and especially for flac/VorbisComment.
Thus I want to maybe use beets as a middleman, so I don’t have to deal with some differences, which are more difficult to transfer when using ffmpeg directly for example.
I say a few things, like multi-valued tags and maybe having a custom import and export map for tags, that I would like to use, but aren’t in beets yet.
I also found this milestone in relation to the import/export map, which has last been updated 2 years ago.

So, is there some kind of roadmap or something, where I could get estimates to when some of these features will be added?
I know development takes time and there can be no exact times given, but I really would like to know, what is actively being worked on, what is nearly done and what would take longer.

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Should be, but isn’t: Project roadmap?

Ah, thanks for the reply, I didn’t even consider searching in the forum for the roadmap.

Hmm, I guss, I’ll have to wait.