Transitioning from Picard?

I decided a few months back to start sorting out my mess of a library. I opted for picard+musicbrainz and I’m learning slowly.

I have a chunk of my tunes somewhat organized now, but also aware decisions I made last month, or last week, or today, were maybe not ideal. I know I have missing tracks, for example, as I made mess of some changes.

I would like to move to beets. I think it can do everything I want, and that I can just ask beets to encode my whole library, or chunks of it, to any format I want is quite exiting.

But I feel stuck at the start, an import just starts asking hard questions, and lots of them.

Is there an idiot guide to logging into musicbrainz and some command I can run on beets that will just import everything it likes and ask me the hard questions later?

I have a test library to play with on a cloud server…but stuck at tough questions on ‘beets import’.