What exactly is (id) when matching?

This seems like a pretty good match to me. How can I tell the UI to allow this? I tried this in my match section with no luck. Any idea what the (id) actually is?

        track_id: none
        track_title: none


I thought track ID is the track number. Maybe if you make the penalty very small (0.01) instead of none (or None), it will work? Or make it 0?

When I set it to zero I get the following error:

configuration error: match.max_rec.track_id: must be one of [‘strong’, ‘medium’, ‘low’, ‘none’], not 0

So I set everything dealing with tracks to none (also tried low) and same results. I must not be understanding the relationship between (tracks) and (id) in the original screen shot above. Isn’t “tracks” in yellow the only thing not matching and the “ids” in each track are what the problem is? Note that the 6th track Ol’ Man River does not have that problem.

        track_title: none
        track_artist: none
        track_index: none
        track_length: none
        track_id: none
        tracks: none

If you are stuck on this like me. Check out the next couple of links. max_rec uses names distance_weights use numbers


I was able to make track index and track id both 0.1 and the above match went from 84 to 99%. I seem to remember reading somewhere (but can’t find it) that ID and Index are named opposite of what you would think for backwards compatibility. Maybe somebody with more background can chime in and what I actually accomplished. Thanks to @RollingStar for putting me on the right path.

        track_index: 0.1
        track_length: 2.0
        track_id: 0.1
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