Stop unmatched tracks albums having a high similarity percentage

Look at the above screenshot for example, the first match it found has 2 unmatched tracks, yet it has a higher % rating then the correct choice that doesn’t have any unmatched tracks, any way to give the unmatched trackers a higher penalty?

Sure—the thing to use is the (undocumented) distance_weights config options, which you can find described elsewhere on this forum:


Sounds good, I’ll give it a go soon

So I am finally having a look at this, do you reckon tweaking unmatched_tracks to high would do it?
missing_tracks: medium
unmatched_tracks: medium

No—you will want to use distance_weights.

Which option inside that section would be the best to toggle? Also which way do I toggle the numbers (e.g. Larger numbers means its not as easy to match or…?)