Matched album trying to mix up tracks

I have had this in the past, but just did as is import, but thought to ask.

I have an album, it has 5 tracks. The album is matched to discogs. However, instead of labeling tracks 1-5, beets thinks 1 is 3, 2 is 5, 4 is 1 etc.

Any way to understand why beets is mixing things up as opposed to just importing and tagging, like it does with 99% of every other album it finds.

Perhaps try manually setting the tags with something like MP3Tag and then trying to import it again. That’s what I usually do.

There are so many possible explanations that it’s hard to give any kind of a blanket rule here. Have you tried looking at the parenthesized words after each song, which explain what was mismatched? Have you tried disabling fingerprinting, if you have that enabled?

here is an example of what I am referring to:

 * all they wanna be (retrovision remix) (#2) (2:50) ->
   All They Wanna Be (Madison Mars Future Mix) (#1) (4:24) (length, source, artist, index, title)
 * all they wanna be (alex ender remix) (#5) ->
   All They Wanna Be (RetroVision Remix) (#2) (source, artist, index, title)
 * all they wanna be (denis first & reznikov remix) (2:55) ->
   All They Wanna Be (Denis First & Reznikov Remix) (3:52) (length, source, artist)
 * all they wanna be (madison mars future mix) (#1) ->
   All They Wanna Be (Kastra Remix) (#4) (source, artist, index, title)
 * all they wanna be (kastra remix) (#4) (2:53) ->
   All They Wanna Be (Alex Ender Remix) (#5) (4:13) (length, source, artist, index, title)

This output suggests that there’s something squirrelly up with the current naming of the tracks. See the second and fourth renaming in the list, for example—because the track duration isn’t listed, beets thinks that the track lengths are a match. Is there any chance beets is right about those renamings?

I compared the tracks to those on youtube thinking along the same lines, but the current namings match what is on youtube

This would be a great time to investigate carefully and see if you can explain the length thing! The best way to understand why software does what it does is by formulating a hypothesis and rigorously testing it.

Makes sense, I will try to break it down.

I will load the tracks into Foobar and compare to what is on beatport as a start. Or should I be doing something else?