Soundtrack sorting

I’m wanting to do some additional sorting on my soundtracks and was having some trouble with the logic or how to go about doing that. I have a sound track folder that dumps anything that is marked as “albumtype: soundtrack” Beyond that, I am wanting to make either a seperate directory or subdirectory for video game soundtracks …possibly movie soundtracks.
How would i go about doing this? I imagine that i am going to have to manually enforce a “tag” of some sort that beats would know to move the soundtrack to the video game soundtrack directory…just not sure where to put it.

update for now, I’ve manually sorted my video game soundtracks to Soundtracks>Video game soundtracks. The entire purpose of this was to be able to create a playlist inside of kodi based on Path so that i can have a randomized playlist specifically for video games. I consider this to be a workaround at the moment, because i believe this breaks the db relationship with albums inside of beets. If I’m wrong, and it doesn’t break the db relationship inside of beets, then i’m happy to just move video game soundtracks from ‘soundtracks’ to the ’ video game soundtracks’ sub-dir.

Absolutely; you can use a flexible attribute for that!

For example, consider something like beet modify -a kind=game, and then use kind:game as a path query in your config.

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thanks for your suggestion, I was able to get it done with this. For anyone reading this, a future fyi is that the new tag MUST be ‘lowercase’, I struggled with this for a bit and found that to be my issue to finally getting it all to work