How to Trigger Organzie Library

After making some internal (paths) and exteranl (tags) changes to the file in the library, how do I tell beets to organize library files based on the new paths and tags?

For example, I set my paths to have Soundtracks separate from the rest of the Music. How do I tell beets an equivalent of Sort (existing library) Media into folders?

Do I just run beet move and that is enough? Will it process the entire library?

I can’t seem to make it work so that media tagged as Game Soundtrack will be moved to a proper folder.

    default: Music/$genre/$albumartist/$album/$track $title
    singleton: Singletons/$artist - $title
    comp: Music/$genre/$albumartist/$album/$track $title
    albumtype:soundtrack: Soundtracks/Soundtrack/$albumartist/$album/$track $title
    albumtype:score: Soundtracks/Score/$albumartist/$album/$track $title
    genre:Soundtrack: Soundtracks/Soundtrack/$albumartist/$album/$track $title
    genre:Score: Soundtracks/Soundtrack/$albumartist/$album/$track $title
    genre:Game Soundtrack: "Soundtracks/Game Soundtrack/$albumartist/$album/$track $title"
    genre:'Game Score': 'Soundtracks/Game Soundtrack/$albumartist/$album/$track $title'

Edit. i can’t figure out how to properly set a path condition for genres with multiple words.

genre:Game Soundtrack:“Soundtracks/Game Soundtrack/$albumartist/$album/$track $title”


genre:Game\ Soundtrack: or genre:“Game Soundtrack”:

Please head over toGitHub discussion. It’s more lively there :slight_smile: HTH