Using beets to organise audio books

Hi, I was wondering if I could use beets to organise my audio book collection as well.
As I have imported some books already into my collection, they were mostly found in the database (musicbrainz etc.) which is great! But Now they are mixed into my regular folder structure and I would like it to have them separate.
I could maybe just make a completely independent collection with only audiobooks or is there a way to have them somehow separated by a tag or something like this?
Any ideas? What would you suggest?

Thank you!

Very late reply: I don’t see why not! Some trickery in your paths configuration should do it. I believe you can configure special paths for tracks that match a particular query, and if the books are tagged via the MusicBrainz database then they should already be marked as audiobooks in the “albumtype” field. So you’d just add a line into the “paths” section of your config file along these lines:

albumtype:audiobook: AudioBooks/$artist/$album/$track $title

That will tell beets to put all albums with “audiobook” in the “albumtype” tag into a folder called AudioBooks, and then subfolders for each artist (which should be the book’s author, judging by the examples) and book. Mind, I’ve never done this particular configuration before, so you’d want to test it with a pretend update to see how it moves your files around:

beet update -p