Singleton: Remove featured artists from Album Artist

The goal here is removing all trailing information from the 'feat. ’ portion of the Album Artist on import of singleton tracks (along with doing this for existing tracks).

From my understand, there isn’t even a way to do this for current tracks using the beet modify command but as I’m new to the program I’d like to ensure that I’m correcting in this.

Any way to do the below on all singleton tracks.

Original albumartist field:

Frank Ocean feat. JAY-Z & Tyler, the Creator

Desired albumartist field:

Frank Ocean

Hello! I know this does a little more than you were expecting, but have you seen the ftintitle plugin?

I have used that plugin in the past.

What I’m facing is that I would still like to have the ‘feat.’ portion saved in the artist field. But for organizational purposes (really Plex music) the albumartist field allows better organization when reading tags.

Oh! I see—no, I can’t think of a clear way to make a bulk modification like that to the albumartist field.