Album artist and ftintitle

Hi, this has been driving me a bit crazy.

The plugin, ftintitle, is not working properly in some cases because a featured artist is also included as the album artist. I’ve looked up this issue, and saw that a few others are having the same issue, but I never found any solution.

Any ideas?



Including link to pertinent github thread

It would be really helpful to include a link to the GitHub thread. But I predict the latest news will be there—we might not have too much to add!


I think my situation is close, if not identical to theirs. Do you have any ideas for a work around?

Ah, I see—it looks like we never narrowed down anything specific enough there to take action.

If you can cook up a specific proposal for how things would work, I invite you to file a new feature request. No promises, obviously, but having a specific description of a plausible solution to a problem like this can go a long way toward getting someone to implement it.

Thanks! I would definitely be willing to put work into this if it will be considered in a timely manor. Do you have any recommendations before I get started?

Also, I’m pretty new to beets io, but I know a decent amount of Python. How could I contribute?


I guess my main recommendation is to think through a design that will get you what you need while avoiding surprising other users who rely on the current behavior. One way to do that is an explicit config option that enables the kind of album-artist-with-featuring-artist behavior you have now, but even better would be a way that most people using the current behavior won’t even notice that just does the “right thing” by default.

As for digging into the code, a good place to start is our wiki page called Hacking:

Thanks a lot! This will be my first time contributing to an open source project. I’m excited!

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