Help with update artist and album fields by parsing title

Hi there,
Is there a way to update the artist field by grabbing a portion of the title please?
the format for the title of these songs are [Artist] - [Track]

screenshot below shows a list of songs. with the following fields output format:
[Album] - [Artist] - [Title]

I don’t have a preference of whether updating the DB metadata of actual file tags because I can sync the other as long as one of them can be updated per the problem I mentioned above.

Thanks in advance, take care!

Hello! I can’t think of a way to do that with built-in tools. If we had this feature:

…then it could help hack something together, I imagine. As it stands, it seems like this would be a pretty straightforward custom plugin to write, if you know a little Python.

I was able to resolve this by using the sqlite browser app:

I am comfortable with sql queries. I was able to update the different item properties as needed; then used the write command to update the file tags