Rationalising multiple artists in filename (artist folder)

So I’m looking to clean up the naming hierarchy of my library and the main thing that bugs me is multiple artists in the name of the artist folder.

eg. Andrews, Michael feat. Jules, Gary
Ideally, this should just be ‘Andrews, Michael’.

Also multiple instances of an artist when I really just want them all in under the same folder


Zimmer, Hans
Zimmer, Hans & Gerrard, Lisa
Zimmer, Hans & Howard, James Newton
Zimmer, Hans & Wallfisch, Benjamin

Hendirx, Jimi
Hendrix, Jimi, The, Experience

Coldplay & Rihanna (in musicbrainz as ‘feat Rihanna’

I’m sure I’ve read something about a way to solve these two issues before but I can’t seem to find anything.

Here’s a link to my config…

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Hello! This is what the rewrite plugin was originally created for. Have you checked that out yet?

Thanks, Adrian, I knew I’d seen it somewhere and the docs is where I’d seen it! I used that Jimi example in the hope that it’d prompt someone’s memory as it’s the exact example used on the plugin page.

Thanks again!