Semicolon in Disc and Track

In the example below my original tags are on the left and beets version on the right. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong or why the semicolons are being placed in the Disc and Track values?


Just noticed its in the year too…and particular version year not the original release year

Hi! This is likely a quirk of the tool you’re using to look at the tags, not a literal semicolon. This issue has some background:

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m really digging beets so far.

If I don’t right click and view properties in windows…just hover over the track I still see 1; 1/9. Where before it would be just 1/9. Doesn’t the additional “1;” suggest there is more/different data there?


Yes! Just not a literal semicolon. The Windows viewer seems to be interpreting the existence of two different relevant tags as needing both to be shown. As the aforelinked thread mentions, MediaFile’s “read any, write all” approach to compatibility occasionally leads to this kind of display in tools that use a “read all” approach.

I’ve been reading through that and trying to wrap my head around it. Do you understand to be like this…paraphrasing of course:

In my original collection there was just one of either “track” or “tracknumber” present so windows just gave me what was there. Now that I have two/both of them and depending on the the method used to view it knows both exist and just displays both under the same “label” for lack of a better term.

Would you say, nothing to really worry about I my end, I’ve not configured anything wrong?

The reason I ask is I have over 9K albums and 100K tracks so being very careful and testing batches of different kinds of albums/files before I turn beets loose on my 20+ years of CD rips and digital purchases.

Yes and yes! (That is, I wouldn’t consider this anything to worry about.)

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