Unexpected semicolons in tags

Hi everyone, I posted this in January and haven’t been able to resolve it myself so re-posting in case any fresh eyes come across the post. Thanks in advance!

Beets is adding semicolons and spaces after each letter of the releasetype / albumtyles tags. I’m not sure if the info is coming straight from Musicbrainz or if it’s something to do with my config, but if I have an album, the RELEASETYPE tag shows:

a; l; b; u; m

the same goes for if it’s an EP or a Single, here’s how a song looks in tagscan:

If this is just how things are tagged on import from Musicbrainz, is there as way to mass edit these tags in beets? For example find all tags that match “a; l; b; u; m” and change to “album”?

If I run the info command on an album, none of these tags show up:

but if I run the info command on the song I can see the colon separated release type but it’s in the ALBUMTYPES tag and RELEASETYPES and MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMTYPE are not shown.

since the ALBUMTYPES tag comes from the albumtypes plugin I’m wondering if that is causing this, but I’d still be confused about how it’s getting into the MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMTYPE tag. Here’s my configuration of the albumtypes and inline plugins:

Perhaps this helps: Questions about the output of beet update · beetbox/beets · Discussion #5183 · GitHub

Thank you, this looks like the issue I’m experiencing.