Help with redundant file tags and Discogs tag question

So I’m trying to set up beets for the first time and have some questions. Not sure if these are intended or an issue.

First Question: Can I pick and choose what tags beets adds to the files?

After importing an album with beets, it seems to add multiple tags for tracks, discs, and year. Refer to this screenshot with the results after importing it. I’m viewing the tags through dbpoweramp. Mp3tag shows similar messy tags.

Screenshot 2023-08-16 224717

Before importing the album the Track, Year, and Disc fields only show one tag, but after importing it is listing multiple as indicated by the semicolon. I know this somewhat of a non-issue as music players (at least musicbee) aren’t going to show the those fields twice, but still I would like to know if I can stop beets from adding certain tags/fields. The zero plugin doesn’t seem to help with this.

Using the metaflac program I can see that beets is adding the tags: year, disc, discnumber, discc, totaldiscs, track, trackc, totaltracks after importing an album. That is on top of the tags: tracknumber, tracktotal, discnumber, disctotal, date that the albums files had before importing. If I remove the all date, disc, and track tags before importing, beets will add those as well.

I know can make a script to remove these unwanted tags using metaflac after using beets to fix my issue, but if I can do it with beets I would rather do that.

Second Question: When using Discogs as a source instead of MusicBrainz the Discogs ID’s show up under MusicBrainz fields. Is this normal? The screenshot below shows this.

Screenshot 2023-08-16 231005