Plans for matching MusicBrainz using disc_id?

Are there any plans to add a feature to match MusicBrainz or CDDB disc_id signatures calculated from the raw CD?

I like to rip my CDs to an archival format. This means a lossless encoding and including absolutely no information not included on, or visible on, the disc. So I limit the metadata tags to only include MusicBrainz disc_id and CDDBID both of which are hashes calculated from how the tracks are layed out on disc. I then would like to use beets to fill in all of the metadata. However beets doesn’t seem to query MusicBrainz with MUSICBRAINZ_DISCID at all. It only uses MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID.

Does the community think adding this feature makes sense? Would it be more appropriate as a plugin or as an addition to the AutoTagger functionality?