Import problems

How can I import my music library into Beet, without beet changing anything.
Now for example the artist A L Webber with the Album Evita is written to Various Artist Evita, or the Album GRRR by the Rolling Stones is not written as one Album but as a 1999 and 2012 Album.
Basically, I use Beet to provide my existing Library with Cover Art and Lyrics , because comparing my library with Beets reveals quite a few differences compared to what, for example, Jaikoz shows

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You might be interested in the -A (no autotagging) flag to the beet import command.

This happends with beet imp -A
Even cleaned my config
But the result is the same
All my musicals Hair Evita JC are written to Sountracks am+nd the Stones Album is in two
I will keep the library made with jaikos and Lidarr keek as it is
But is handy for missing Lyrics and cover art

So the question is how to make a beet database without any changes

Something like this in the config for starters, just to make sure you don’t ever forget to put the equivalent --options on the commandline

    copy: no
    move: no
    write: no
    autotag: no

Find details about the importer options here: Configuration — beets 1.6.0 documentation