Best way to import songs that aren't on MusicBrainz?

I’ve got some tracks which aren’t on MusicBrainz and most likely don’t belong there (e.g. DJ sets which are in one audio file) - what’s the best way to get these into beets?

So far I’ve just been been using beet import --set with a bunch of different fields, but this doesn’t seem like the nicest way to do it (and I end up having a hard time merging multiple tracks into a single album, e.g. in the case of music events where 1 track is 1 artist).

How do other people deal with importing tracks like these? I’ve been thinking of writing my own little script that wraps beet import --set with some interactive prompts for fields, but I’d like to see if anyone else has tackled this issue.

I use the edit plugin for this.

I tag them first using a tagger tool like Kid3, then once everything is right, import into beets.

I use a separate tagger app too like Meta and import afterwards.

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