What is the proper way to retag an already imported album?

I’m using Musicbrainz for metadata.

What is the best way to retag an album after it has already been imported? eg: There is a different release ID (or updates to the currently linked release ID).

I know that I can target the exact album that I want to retag using beet ls album:ALBUM artist:ARTIST,

Hello! There are two possible answers here. To get new data for a given release (for the same release ID), this is the sole purpose of the mbsync plugin:

To re-tag an album “from scratch,” which is necessary if you want to match a new release, you’ll want a “re-import” (mentioned a few times in the docs if you search). You can use beet import -L <query> to re-import an album that you can match with beet ls -a.

Thanks for your response! Does the mbsync plugin have a timid mode, so I can verify the changes? For example, if I want to re-sync my whole library.

That documentation page, linked above, mentions a --pretend option that may fit the bill. (Try it out!)