Import -t Not Returning a 100% Matched Result


Just started using Beets over the last few weeks and wish I had discovered it sooner. I must say it really is a fantastic tool.

I generally use the -t option when importing but came across an oddity yesterday where, although there was a 100% Musicbrainz match, this was not returned by the autotagger (The Beatles/Abbey Road - direct CD rip from my disc). If I paste the release ID it works fine. Also used Chroma but the results are the same with the closest auto-match being 99.4% - the only difference is ‘country’ but I find it strange that the 100% match is not returned.


Hi! Can you please include your configuration and the verbose output?

I think I may have resolved the issue by increasing ‘searchlimit’ to 20 and adding country preference -

    countries: ['GB|UK']

The correct 100% match release now appears first time…


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