Do you think Beets can provide this feature?Help request

Hi Guys,
I have already tried different mp3 tagger softwares but everyone couldn’t help me in providing me what I’m looking for. Maybe you/beets can help me

Here is my example environment:
Queen - We will rock you
Michael Jackson - Beat it

Both mp3 are correctly tagged with Artist and Title idv3 tags. No other tags are stored inside all my mp3 files (I have cleaned all of them).

What I would like to do is (in priority order):
1 automatically tag year tag with originalrelease year;
2 automatically tag album with first album release;
3 automatically save album art inside mp3 with first album art release.

For example:
ALBUM: Thriller YEAR: 1982

I would like this to be a bulk operation like I select the folder, fire the command and beets will do that automatically. Do you think that beets can do this?
Any help/suggestion would be very appreciated.
Thank you very much guys!!!


Hmm… for information like the original year, you’ll want to fetch data from MusicBrainz—which means you’ll want to use the beet import command. Have you tried that?

Hi Adrian. Well, I haven’t tried beets yet, but I would like to be sure that this thing can be done, at least for year release, before banging my head :slight_smile:
Actually, what import command can do in details?

I think it would be best to get familiar with beets first. You can go through our Getting Started and Autotagger guides to get a feel for what it can do. With that in hand, we might be able to have a more specific discussion about how it might match your needs.

I would grab a dozen or so files to test things out on. Easy to copy over them if you screw up or want to try another way.