Is Beets Capable of "Unconditional" Tagging, Independent MusicBrainz AutoTag?

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My example paths configuration Title Cases file and folder names only.

    default: $albumartist/$album%aunique{}/%title{$artist} - %title{$title} 
    singleton: Non-Album/$artist/%title{$artist} - %title{$title}
    comp: Compilations/$album%aunique{}/%title{$artist} - %title{$title}


My goal is to replace puddletag.

So far beet can’t simply tag every file in a directory, recursively.

Hey @adrian, care to help me out? If not, who’s the new maintainer?

There’s no obvious/easy way currently; sorry! Maybe you’d be interested in this issue:

I have to admit, separately, that you comment kind of made me sad. :frowning_face: It seems to imply that, because I didn’t respond to your message, I’m not doing my job as the maintainer of beets. I very strongly disagree! I respond to lots of posts on this forum and on GitHub, and I don’t think I should be required to provide answers to absolutely every question. I really hope you can see the community as being responsible for beets rather than me alone.

In my eyes, that would make beet practically feature-complete. :star_struck:
Basically an “offlinebeet experience, very exciting proposition. :+1:

Hey! No, don’t go there! You’ve done an excellent job. Frankly, completely missinterpreted your bio. Thought you moved on from the project and a group had taken over. Decided to tag the most active user in the forum (@adrian). I’ll admit, puddletag crapped the bed, my media library suffered because of it and I allowed myself to get carried away in my search for alternatives.

Agreed! Definitely would not want for something I enjoy doing transitioning into a chore.

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Not to beat a horse @adrian, but formatted modify has been opened since 2014, last beet update being 9-10 months old. Hey, it’s fine though! Your program works as you intended, however I can’t help myself from thinking formatted modify is far from implementation. With that said, how would you suggest I go about addressing my situation? I am in need of puddletag alternatives. :pensive:

Perhaps by helping implement the feature that you need? :smiley:

How could someone who’s not a programmer be of any use to your project?

Besides, it’s a 6yr. old issue, @adrian. An extra set of hands won’t suddenly make feature-parity a priority. Please don’t mistake my words as demands or anything of that nature, I’m simply looking to replace puddletag, MusicBrainz, kid3, etc. without swapping distributions; going back to Windows for mp3tag is a horrible compromise too. No other tagging program offers beet's fire-and-forget capabilities, which seriously narrows my scope. :sob:

My plugin is in development (see dev branch). It is far from clean but it does create comments metadata from a defined template string. Along the way I see the potential for general metadata modifications if in the config file somewhere you define how you want each particular metadata field modified like:

  title: '%title{$title}'
  comments: '[$rating] %left{%upper{$genre}, 3} :: $comments'

There may be a gotcha yet along the way to prevent this idea going further towards general field formatting.

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