Disc title tagging

Hi! I’m struggling with manually tagging albums with disc title (or, rather, move my pre-existing disc title tags into whatever place Beets accepts them). What’s the exact tags that Beets reads for each filetype for the $disctitle? Any particular tagger I should be using for that? (Yes I’m aware beets has manual tagging but a lot of my library already has disc title tags and I don’t wanna go through them all over again)


Looking at mediafile (the library beets uses for file management), it seems like you can use:

  • TSST for MP3s
  • ----:com.apple.iTunes:DISCSUBTITLE for MP4s
  • WM/SetSubTitle for ASFs (.asf, .wma, .wmv)
  • DISCSUBTITLE for all other formats

Yeah this helps. Thanks!