Singleton Library not actually tagging

Hi all, ive been using beets for a while now to tag my albums and its great, however i have got to using the singleton mode as i have folders of tracks, mostly 80s and 90s singles, and whilst it would be nice to tag them completly as a release (with the a and b side or multitrack) single mode will be ok, I organise my singles in release year/album artist - title

however i have noticed that whilst beets will find a match in MB for a song, which has tags associated with it, they are not actually being written to the mp3

for example i have enclosed some screenshots to show

beeta output with linked match
Screenshot 2020-06-17 at 07.16.44

match in MB which i am happy with

tag in Mediamonkey showing its not changed.

hope you can advise on this as i have a lot of sinlgetons to scan

Hi! Your configuration and verbose output would be really helpful here.

Also, please see the beet write command (for explicitly writing new ID3 tags to your files).

I also can’t tell from the MediaMonkey output what you were expecting… what tags did you think should be different?