Delete after encode?


I am finding a lot of my mp3’s are being modified (art) or encoded and therefore the source files are being left making it very difficult to manage what has been processed.

is there a way of deleting the source file after processing?

also I have a lot of “Junk” files in the source folders (artwork, nfo’s etc) is there a way of removing everything from the source?

Any guidance or tips?

plugins: fetchart embedart convert scrub replaygain lastgenre chroma web discogs
directory: /music
library: /config/musiclibrary.blb
art_filename: folder
threaded: yes
original_date: no
per_disc_numbering: no

auto: yes
ffmpeg: /usr/bin/ffmpeg
opts: -ab 320k -ac 2 -ar 48000 -joint_stereo 0
max_bitrate: 320
threads: 12

default: Artists-Bands/$albumartist/$album%aunique{}/$track - $artist - $title
singleton: Non-Album/$artist - $title
comp: Compilations/$album%aunique{}/$track - $artist - $title
albumtype_soundtrack: Soundtracks/$album/$track - $artist -$title

write: yes
copy: no
move: yes
resume: ask
default_action: skip
incremental: yes
quiet_fallback: skip
timid: no
log: /config/beet.log

Hi! I linked to a relevant issue about the convert plugin specifically in another thread where you asked something similar:

For “junk” files, take a look at the clutter config option.

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Thank you, clutter works perfectly! :slight_smile: