Converting all songs from a query and exporting them to a folder

I did very little research and I found the convert plugin, but it seems to be geared towards importing files into the library. I would like to use the library as the source and export the converted files to a USB stick. Is there any way to do this, or can I use the convert plugin for this and configure it not to mess with the library at all?

Yes; just set the auto config option to false. (That’s actually the default, so you don’t have to do anything.) Then you can run conversions on-demand by typing beet convert.

Hi @phirestalker, I often use convert for exporting files to a folder outside the library. This is the config that works for me. It might help get you started. With path I override my usual way of naming files because I want them to be named differently in exports. I want to export all files in their original format and not do any conversions, hence the no_convert an never_convert_lossy_files options.

    - convert

    dest: /Users/jojo/Music/Techno/0-export
    never_convert_lossy_files: yes
    no_convert: format:AAC, format:WMA, format:ALAC, format:FLAC
    threads: 1
        default: "$artist - $album - $title [$catalognum] ($year)"
        singleton: "$artist - $album - $title [$catalognum] ($year)"
        comp: "$artist - $album - $title [$catalognum] ($year)"

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks all, it worked great.