Convert auto function unclear

Hello all,

I’ve only been using beets for a couple of days now, but I haven’t been able to figure out quite how the auto function of the convert plugin works.

What I want: I want the convert plugin to automatically convert all newly imported music files to the mp3 format, as per the plugin’s default. However, I then want it to delete the originals.
(The originals will always be flac, I’ll make sure of that in the query, and I want them gone to save on disk space.)

However, the docs currently don’t mention what happens to the original files.
Are they stored in a location of my choosing? (If so, I can make the originals be “stored” in the recycle bin.)
Or are they kept in the same location as the newly converted files?

Is there a way to add -k to the auto convert commandline?

I’ve been trying a bunch of workarounds but no luck thus far. All thoughts are appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hi! The option does the conversion and puts the newly-converted files in your library. Your original files are untouched.

This thread is about doing what you want instead:

In particular, check out this feature request, which would let you change the import config to delete the originals:

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