Beets on iphone

So I got beets and I want to have automatic two way replication with my phone.
Anyone thought about that?

Wouldn’t this be a bit tricky since the file paths would have to be identical on both systems?

It doesn’t have to be strictly beets software on iphone.
My idea is that I have some kind of cloud sync of iphone with music files from beets library. On iphone I have “mp3 player” and when I delete file then on file server with beets it will delete it from beets library.
I do have solution for it now but synchronizing iphone via finder is cumbersome and error prone. So I’m looking for other sync solutions.

@UuQui3ai I just wrote a plugin for uploading tracks from beets to iBroadcast:

And there are iBroadcast mobile apps which support locally caching the media files. Not sure if that would meet your needs—it would only be one way.

Another more hacker-ish solution I was looking at is Astiga, which is open source and might let you achieve what you want with some development effort?

From a more sync-centric perspective: I’ve been playing with Syncthing which seems pretty awesome, supports bidirectional sync, and also has an Android app. But unfortunately no iOS/iPhone app.

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I got the following thought from reading your request. Not sure if it’ll help you enough but maybe it’ll give you some hints…

I use the goingrunning plugin by @jakabadambalazs to create different playlists (for various occasions) and I’m almost certain that you can use it also to create one (everything in your Beets library) playlist.
On my server I have a Madsonic 7 beta server running (Subsonic will also work just fine)
I place the playlists that the Going Running plugin outputs on my server in the Madsonic playlist folder.
And have set Madsonic to automatically import those playlist on changes.
On my iPhone I use play:Sub (but any Subsonic/Madsonic app will probably do) to connect to the server and download specific playlists offline. This last step is a manual action so not fully automatic.

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