New plugin: beets-goingrunning

You will love this one! Are you putting on your trainers to run a 10K and you want some fresh music that will go well with a fast run? Or Is it going to be a recovery session and you just want to relax and ease your legs to the sound of music? Well, the choice of music is not indifferent. Have you ever tried to beat your own PR and have good old Bob singing about ganja in the background? It doesn’t really work. Or trying to run a recovery session with the Mötley Crüe? Nope :crazy_face:. This is why I created this plugin. If you are a runner it is for you!

Very young plugin, just a few days but it does the basics. Install it with:
pip install beets-goingrunning
and activate it the usual way.
The configuration guide and more documentation can be found in the Github repo.

Now you can just concentrate on what you do best: … RUN!


Wow thats an interesting plugin! :smiley: But I think the plugin can be used for the opposite thing, like making a playlist with only <90 bpm for relaxing.

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Sure you can! but then i need to rename the plugin to: beets-goingtosleep :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: