Beets-ibroadcast 0.5.0 released with playlist sync support

I released version 0.5.0 of the beets-ibroadcast plugin. This plugin lets you sync your beets library with iBroadcast, a free online receptacle for your music collection, a la Google Play Music and YouTube Music, but with unlimited storage.

Install it from PyPI as usual:

pip install beets-ibroadcast

Features of the plugin as of version 0.5.0 include:

  • Uploading of tracks matching a query from beets to iBroadcast.
  • Bidirectional sync of tags, in a way compatible with beets-usertag.
  • Unidirectional (for now) sync of playlists from beets to iBroadcast, in a way compatible with the playlist plugin.

Enjoy. :beers:


The plugin looks like an excellent idea.

As a sidebar to your post, what is your experience with the service? Is it too good to be true? I mean, unlimited storage, forever? Have you tried the Premium service yet?

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@HG2S I’ve been using it since shortly after Google Play Music shut down, and so far I’m very happy with it. There have been fewer hiccups for me than I had with GPM. For a while, the Alexa skill was a little buggy, but it seems better now.

Might be. I don’t know! They have private funding right now. They won’t even accept money for the Premium service yet—you just indicate an interest in premium and they give it to you in beta for free, until they officially launch. I’m not exactly sure why they haven’t launched already; the service is certainly good enough that I would pay for it.

The way I see it, I have my collection managed well by beets now on my local NAS, and uploading to iBroadcast is just a bonus, enabling me to play it easily from anywhere with Internet access. If the service shuts down or worsens later, I haven’t lost much, since my playlists and tags are synced to/from beets—just play counts and ratings, though we could implement syncing for those too in the future if there is demand. And I also use ListenBrainz to record my listens, so could reaggregate play data from that.

I know of no other comparable services, neither free nor paid, so for the time being at least: iBroadcast it is! I’m really surprised there aren’t more people using it, to be honest.