Syncing playlist(s) to iPhone

I am in the process of getting rid of iTunes/Music App on my Mac, because I have my songs under beets.

Is there a way/plugin to sync/copy songs of a beets playlist to my iPhone? It can be via Apple’s Music App, but it could be another music app on iOS as well.

Via googleing I found the MetaSync Plugin, but this does a very different type of syncing if I understand it correctly.

Thanks for any pointers!

It looks like you might be able to do this with VLC - it’s not the nicest music playback app but it supports WiFi sharing.

You could use something like beet convert to copy the files of a playlist to another folder (or use something like beet ls -f '$path' playlist:yourplaylist and write a script to copy the files), and then use VLC’s web interface to upload them.

@jackwilsdon Have you seen the goingrunning plugin?

It does more than you need, but one of the things it does is to copy the playlists to particular directory prefixes, typically where your device’s music folder is mounted.

Thanks @ctrueden. Interesting plugin.

However the song selection process is very sport-oriented. And as far as I can see it only can manage one playlist on a target.

Still on the look out for some thing, where I just say, “Please copy these playlists to my iPhone.” And then on the phone I can select any of the playlists or albums in the playlists…